woensdag 7 januari 2009

Bah humbug!!!

I've been neglecting my blog... with good reason....

I got the worst flu ever!!!! I got sick christmas eve (hence the title) and I've been in bed ever since!! For two whole weeks! Beleive me..with three children that's saying a lot!

I haven't scrapped or thought of scrapping at all... Maybe next weekend...

Happy new year though!! (wich I will be celebrating in a week or so...)


2 opmerkingen:

Ruth aka alteredgeisha zei

I think the whole crafting community came down with the flue or cleared their tables for the guests!!
It seems none of us have been well enough to create anything. Lets hope the New Yeaar brings health and creativity to you.

Love Ruth xxx

Tracey zei

Awwwww so sorry you have been so ill Merel, I hope you are much better soon hon, big cyber hugs for you, take care and get well and A HAPPY NEW YEAR XXX