maandag 30 november 2009

X-mas and a lot of sick boys....

I haven't posted for a while... (again...)..the boys all had the mexican flue (swine flue) even the biggest boy!!.. It seems to have passed me by...thank goodness!!! But with all the TLC and cleaning that came with it, I barely had time to look ata piece of scrap paper...

I did manage to finish my X-mas teachers gifts... I got the idea from the new cards only book..

They are tea cups, with booklets that hold two teabags, chocolates, little boxes for more chocolates, sugar... I will add a card with a picture from the boys...

Here's how they came out...

I got to basic design for the tea bag book from nicole heady's blog..she's in my faves, should you want to visit her blog.

Well... tomorrow I get to take out my holy grale (a.k.a. my DDA) and I'm soo hoping that I'll keep it up throughout the month... I did get a new camera yesterday a canon 500D, so taking pics has become a day filling job!!

Thanks for looking and have a great week!

xx Merel

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Rleen zei

Hi Merel, sorry to hear about your sick boys. I hope they feel better now.
I love all the teachers x'mas gifts, looks awesome.