vrijdag 11 juli 2008


It's the boys in the Efteling, this spring. I love the bright colors on this cosmo cricket paper. All of the pp are cosmo cricket, the stars are storebrand.

I went away with a girl friend as well last weekend (no kids allowed!!! whoohoo!) We've been planning this trip for 6 years now, so we enjoyed every moment! Shopping, sleeping and dining without stress! We've decided to now make it a manditory yearly trip, so we can keep our sanity!

I've also been working on a few workshops, but I can't show you anything yet...

Thanks for looking, and as always, your comments are greatly appreciated!


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Beate zei

It sounded like you had a lot of fun. Girl-trips are are very relaxing and needed when having little children. I hope you enjoyed.

The layout was awesome, loved the circles. Have a great summer.