woensdag 8 oktober 2008

a card..

I made this card with the left-overs from my last lay out.

I've been so bussy with non-scrapbooking stuff the last week, so the card was a welcome project. I'm not really a card maker, but the papers were perfect for a card.

I've been teaching quite a few workshops for scrapangels and we've got a big one comming up, so we're bussy preparing for those aswell! My scraproom looks like a warehouse.. workshop packages everywhere.. I think I have well over a hundred workshop packages in my scraproom... Yikes! We haven't even started on the christmas workshop yet.... (got a little time before then...lol)

Thanks for looking!


2 opmerkingen:

Rleen zei

WOW! Merel your card is gorgeous! I love the colors and the flowers looks pretty. Fabulous job!

altered geisha zei

For someone who is "not really a card maker"!! You sure make a beautiful card or two!!