zaterdag 25 oktober 2008

a dangerous hobby

Nothing to share today...picturewise or scrapwise... I was working on a new workshop yesterday when I rubbed a splinter in my eye... That hurts!!!! It sure loved my eye because it didn't want to come out!!
The neighbour was kind enough to drive me to the docter. She told me not to be scared but (!@#!*) she was going to turn my eyelid inside out! Yikes, forget the eye, I nearly suffered a heart attaque right there..

It wasn't that bad and she sedaded (is that the word?) my eye which felt really good! I spend the night in a darkroom with my eye closed!

Now I can see but the eye is still very irritated (so is the rest of my personality)

Earlier this week I put a crafters knife in my finger... They say bad things come in three, so I'm wondering what the third scrapping injury will be.... Please let it be a papercut! (lol)


4 opmerkingen:

Vel zei

Thanks so much for visiting my blog earlier today (and I see you have a link to me very nice of you!). I love your work but haven't visited in FOREVER! I'm bookmarking you now and hopefully I will remember to stop by now! :)

About the eye...I've cut my cornea a couple times now and it's some of the worst, most irritating pain ever! So I feel for ya, I do!

Take care!

Monique zei

Hi, just followed your link from the Across the Universe challenge blog...your layout is beautiful, love seeing soft subtle boy pages.

Tracey zei

Wow that sounds really scary - so glad it wasn't serious, hope all is well now, take good care hon and fingers crossed there is NO third injury XXX

paulien710 zei

Oh... wow.... that sounds very scary!!!!!

Now.... NO MORE accidents please....