zondag 7 september 2008

canvas in vintage style

I've moved out of my old scrap domain and into a new one this week. Which translates in to me wallpapering and rearanging Thomas' furniture in to my old office and I now have a room with more storage.
I've accumulated so much stuff with all the workshops that I'm teaching for scrapangels, that the room was about to burst!

Yesterday was spend mostly with pre cutting a huge workshop we're giving on lacation.
So I haven't been doing any scrapping this week. But I can show you (a part) of a vintage canvas I made, that we'll also be giving as a workshop.

Thanks for looking,


3 opmerkingen:

Tracey zei

Wow Merel, I can't wait to see this canvas completed, the sneak peek looks fantastic XXX

paulien710 zei

this looks soooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Can't wait to see the full project!

Beate zei

This looks very beautiful. I will be back to see the rest of it. :)