zondag 13 december 2009

Day 10 and 11

On day ten I was out with a migraine, so I made a page for the boys with little tagnotes inside the envelope... I love this picture of the boys acting goofy and having fun!

Day eleven was the day of Anne's wedding (and Gideon and Savannah).. I love the pictures on the back of day 11.. We're doing our best to do a pretty pose, but we end up, laughing our heads of!

Ok Working on day 12 and 13 tonight and I will try to take the pictures tomorrow...
It's a BIG commitment, this DDA and it does take up a lot of time, but it'll be fun in a few years to have this journal...

xx Merel

4 opmerkingen:

Jackie zei

Hij is echt mega gaaf zo !!

Vel zei

Gorgeous! Love this album.

bruid Anne zei

dat ik ook in je DDA sta, voel me vereerd.

carola zei

Super gaaf album.

Wil je Anne feliciteren voor me met haar huwelijk?