dinsdag 29 december 2009

DDA 25, 26, 27 and 28 december

(I noticed that Blogger has turned my images sideways again...)

So many pages to make sooo little time...

Christmas was so much fun, but as usual it went by so fast! I can't beleive we're almost in 2010!
Here's a look at my pages so far... I'm going to keep going untill december 31st..

December 25th, 1st Christmas day..

We had such a wonderful quiet morning, we ate breakfast together and in the afternoon we went over to my family to celebrate christmas...

December 26th..
We celebrated the 2nd day of christmas at my in-laws. We all made tapas and watched old slideshows.. And I got a new dress...

December 27th..
We had a layed back day... wanted to go ice skating but it was too cold and too busy, so we went out to lunch and then of to my parents... I wish that was our fireplace....

December 28th..
I've had my eye on this christmas deceoration in the store for a while... but it was soooo expensive... It was 40% off now, so I went ahead and got it.. When I got home I played with my camera to get a decent picture without a flash..

So as for the questions I've been receiving..

Where do I get my stuff.... from all over the place..especially for thsi album I've used stuff that I 've had laying around for three years! My fave scrapshop at the moment has to be Papers and Pictures in Doorn, they have everything!

I do print my own pictures (for this album).. I had the bigger part of the pages done down to the embellishments, because I knew it was the only way that I was going to be able to keep up.
It's a lot of work even when you've prepared everything ahead of time and you do want to be able to enjoy the month aswell! I'm loving the outcome of this album though, and I'm pretty sure that I will be participating next year aswell..

Thanks for looking (what a long post!!)

xx Merel

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Ibolya zei

Het ziet er weer erg mooi uit, een echt gezellig boekje .....

Rleen zei

Aloha Merel,
Just stopping by to wish you and your lovely family a healthy and happy new year full of blessings!
Your album pages are all gorgeous. TFS!


Anoniem zei

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