maandag 7 december 2009

DDA day six and seven

Ok.. here's my two day up-date from my DDA...

So far I love working on it....

Day 6..
I have had the prima overlay for a long time now, I thought that it would fit the trimming the tree pics perfectly... I have one picture of each, hanging an ornament. And on the backside a rare moment... three boys in one picture and no one is crying!

Day 7...
That's today...
Our christmas card from this year.. We've been sending these for as long as I can remember... I think it's fun for everybody to see how the kids are growing up...

Page two...Having coffee with the girls has becomne a tradition by now.. every two months we get together and catch up... I made a little tag that fit's under the picture...

Thanks for looking!

xx Merel

4 opmerkingen:

Maaike zei

zo gaaf wordt je album!
en top dat je echt van alles aan papier door elkaar durft te gebruiken
ben daar zo'n z**kerd in :S

Ibolya zei

Weer zulke gezellige bladzijdes.
Goeie foto van de jongens bij de boom ,mij lukt het ook niet vaak om ze er allebei gezellig op te krijgen. Leuke kerstkaart...

Rieni zei

het wordt zo een prachtig album.

NicoleJ zei

je DD wordt echt geweldig!