vrijdag 11 december 2009

DDA day 8 and 9

I just had a three day migraine.... needless to say... I was a bit behind on my DDA... I will finish yesterday tomorrow... (I hope..)

But here are day 8 and 9..

Day 8 is about the teachers pressents I make each year for x-mas. This year I was inspired by the new book Scrapcards and gifts.. I loved the idea and made it Christmassy (is that even a real word???)

Day 9..

I love wintermornings, it's cold and dark outside... Unfortunately most mornings we have to hurry up and go to school, but in the weekends and vacation...it's snuggle time!

On to day 4, 10 and 11 Yikes!

xx Merel

2 opmerkingen:

NicoleJ zei

Ze zijn weer geweldig en die kadootjes voor de juffen heb ik ook gemaakt (ook geinspireerd door scrapcards), maar dat is voor mij de foto voor aankomende dinsdag, want dan gaat Cas ze uitdelen aan de juffen!

Groetjes Nicole

Rleen zei

Aloha Merel,
Thank you so much for stopping by blog and left some love. I really appreciate it. Hope you feels better now.
Merel, I love your gorgeous creations. The designs and colors are perfect. Fabulous job as always.
Have a wonderful day.